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Northeast Bird Clinic
Dr. Ann Bourke started NEBC after realizing a need for an avian veterinarian in the eastern CT, northern RI region. She found, mostly by talking with clients, that a house call practice exclusively for birds would be in high demand; due to the fact that traveling is often stressful, most families have multiple birds, and that it is crucial to understand a birds condition by seeing it in its environment. She is licensed in CT, RI and MA.

Her hours are by appointment only and vary greatly since this is exclusively a house call practice. She also has access to a veterinary hospital for higher level diagnostic work and surgical procedures. She can accommodate work schedules and hours are very flexible. A house call charge is dependent upon distance. Please call or email for estimates.
Monthly well bird clinics are held at Peak's Parrot in Middletown, CT, and at The Crystal Parrot in Southampton, MA.  Frequent clinics also held at Jungle Junction, in Cumberland, RI. See schedule page for updates.

Contact info:
Phone 860-604-1968
Fax 860-487-3573
Email : nebirdclinic@yahoo.com
Mail: Northeast Bird Clinic
PO Box 308
Ashford, CT 06278

Dr. Ann M. Bourke, DVM
Dipl. ABVP-avian practice
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chickens are available! $2.00/dozen. Will deliver when doing house calls!

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